Hydrogen ready

June 20, 2021

In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the inevitable financial constraints this has

placed on many businesses, this is an ambitious target. The UK, as well as Europe,

are planning to introduce hydrogen into the national grid; 20% by 2025 and 100% by 2030.

Manufacturing is responsible for 70% of the carbon emitted and the 2020s will be crucial for

us to lay the foundations for industrial decarbonisation. Over the next decade we will begin

the journey of switching away from fossil fuel combustion to low carbon alternatives such

as hydrogen.

As part of the decarbonisation initiative Dunphy have released a range of hydrogen ready

burners. Dunphy have had experience in firing process hydrogen for many years and installed

its first hydrogen firing burner at Malay Sino in Malaysia in 1998.

It is through experience and the heavy investment in technology that Dunphy have been able to

 develop the hydrogen burner range.

Dunphy burners are believed to be the first burner manufacturer to attain CE certification for

100% hydrogen gas and all possible blends between hydrogen gas and natural gas, including

admix (20% hydrogen , 80% natural gas).

The combination of research and years of practical experience means that Dunphy are able to

offer advice for anyone looking to install hydrogen ready equipment.


144Mw Peak load boiler house nearing completion in Bedzin

September 12, 2020
Peak load boiler house nearing completion in Bedzin poland.

The boiler house has 4 astebo 38Mw boilers fired by Dunphy duel fuel 
At the moment the boilers are only firing Light fuel oil and are only
waiting for the gas supply into the area and the burner are ready for gas
firing when this happens.
The boiler have no FGR and meet there Nox levels on oil.

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Coal to Gas Conversion

September 12, 2020
Conversion of Coal boiler to LPG and Mine gas of 110 ton 80 bar steam pressure in Oswiecim Poland .
The boiler had 2  Dunphy BDG 9 490 ME duel gas burners firing vertical up the boiler to maintain
the maximum heating area of the boiler.
The burners achieved lower than 100 mg/m3 Nox emissions with out the use of ANY flue gas recirculation or SNCR as required by other burner makers. 
The burner are able to fire any combination of the two fuel or single gas firing.
The system includes the dunphy Del...
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114 Mw boiler house

January 29, 2016
Commissioning under way of 114 Mw boiler house.

commissioning is under way of 114 Mw boiler house with 3 astebo 38Mw hot water boilers fired by Dunphy BD 7.725 gas and oil burners

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Replacement gas boosters

December 2, 2014

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Gas conditioning Plant

December 2, 2014
McKenzie Service wins contract to supply gas conditioning plant for coke oven gas in Bytom Poland. Contract to supply fit and install Cyclone cleaning system, heat exchangers. chiller plant and 6 gas booster with full control system. gas lines are to supply heating boiler and production machine. coke gas burner for production machine with the ratiotronic 6000 system controlling the burner 
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McKenzie Service win project.

April 24, 2013

McKenzie service wins project to supply turnkey boiler house to ABP Food's Poland.
the supply of new ranged rated hot water boiler from ASTEBO with10 bar working pressure.
fired by DUNPHY COMBUSTION TG 310 Gas burner.
heat exchangers, pumps, pipework and water softening plant with 10 m3/ hr. capacity .

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Tecno Controls

November 10, 2012
 McKenzie Service  represents Tecno Controls in Poland

Tecnocontrol is part of a group of Italian companies that takes part of the national and international market. It makes a range of products certified and technologically advanced to satisfy every single necessity which the products were planed and implemented. The companies that are owned by Tecnocontrol are synonymous of quality and reliability, thanks to modern machineries that produce with efficiency; the products are rigorously tested ...
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McKenzie Service Moves Location

July 15, 2011

Informujemy, że z dniem 01.08.2011 firma McKenzie Service zmienia siedzibę firmy z ul. Zeglarskiej 11/1 na ulicę  Jana Stanki 7/1. Pozostałe dane firmy tzn. NIP oraz Regon, a także  telefony pozostają bez zmian.W związku z powyższym prawidłowa nazwa i adres firmy brzmi:

McKenzie Service

Ul. Jana Stanki 7/1

52-423 Wrocław

NIP 894-104-57-89, REGON 930873461

As of the 01/08/2011 McKenzie Service will be moving address from 11/1 Zeglarska Wroclaw to

McKenzie Service

Ul. Jana Stanki 7...

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