We supply a range of control panels to suit a wide variety of applications such as: 

  • Boiler control panels incorporating water level and TDC/ blowdown control
  • Bespoke control solutions utilising PLCs from leading manufacturers such as Allen Bradley and Siemens
  • Remote BG01(PM5) alarm panels
  • Boiler sequencing panels
  • Can be designed specifically to customer requirements

Our standard boiler control panel can be supplied in a free-standing or wall mounted design and in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Each of these options can also incorporate a touch screen control system that can provide the user with a central source of boiler information that is presented in an easy to understand, graphically appealing format. The hardware behind the touch screen control system is a 17" industrial PC that makes use of solid state technology to avoid the potential failings of moving parts such as fans and rotating hard disks. This provides the user with a robust system that also acts as a single source for SCADA connections to the boiler and also provides dedicated screens aimed at speeding up the remote system design time. 

For more information on our range of control panels contact sales@dunphy.co.uk

System 4000

System 5000