Dunphy gas boosters provide a maximum pressure lift of 75 mbars and a maximum volume of 1400 m3/hour.

Features include:

  • cast iron construction for high levels of safety
  • low noise
  • flat curve characteristic making it ideal for high turndown or multiple burner applications
  • high efficiency, backward bladed fan mounted on a twin bearing supported precision ground shaft
  • belt driven motors to ensure easy flexibility of ratios

Customised duplex booster sets are available when a redundant system is needed. This system includes a bespoke electrical panel with time clock changeover facility to ensure equal time run on each unit. This model is built on a mild steel base plate with four lifting points. The two boosters are mounted on anti-vibration footing and have individual booster starters and overloads. A 7 day timer is included.

Biofuels Specification: Derivatives built with high grade, 304, stainless steel components are available for use with corrosive gases including biogases which emit high concentrations of H2S.