Conversion of Coal boiler to LPG and Mine gas of 110 ton 80 bar steam pressure in Oswiecim Poland .
The boiler had 2  Dunphy BDG 9 490 ME duel gas burners firing vertical up the boiler to maintain
the maximum heating area of the boiler.
The burners achieved lower than 100 mg/m3 Nox emissions with out the use of ANY flue gas recirculation or SNCR as required by other burner makers. 
The burner are able to fire any combination of the two fuel or single gas firing.
The system includes the dunphy Delta system for off site fault diagnostics and monitoring. 

Boiler details
  • Boiler make:                      PAUKERWERK 
  • Boiler pressure:                 80 bar
  • Boiler output:                    110 T/hr
  • Steam temperature:          420o C
  • NOx:                                <100 Mg/M3
  • No. of Burners:                 2 on common combustion chamber

Gas Lines to burners under the boiler

Remote access system for remote system diagnosis.