McKenzie Service  represents Tecno Controls in Poland

Tecnocontrol is part of a group of Italian companies that takes part of the national and international market. It makes a range of products certified and technologically advanced to satisfy every single necessity which the products were planed and implemented. The companies that are owned by Tecnocontrol are synonymous of quality and reliability, thanks to modern machineries that produce with efficiency; the products are rigorously tested on the line of production by Official Commision. Besides the companies that are owned by Tecnocontrol are a strong instruments to imporve quality, competition and service that are the main line for the future growth. 

Boston portable analyser has a very simple structure, it is particularly handy.


Differential micro-manometer with alphanumerical and liquid crystals display (2x8 characters). 



New detector Methane/ LPG with removable sensor

TECNOCONTROL is pleased to present the new series of gas detectors "BETA" for domestic use with replaceable sensor. At the end of the period specified by the manufacturer, the detector indicates the expiry of the gas sensor module that can be instantly replaced with a new form set yet. BETA detectors satisfy the current rules on domestic gas detection: EN 50194 (Methane and LPG) and EN50291 (CO).